BLT's G-Floor in Mass Transit

Mass transit is the heart of every major city in the world. Without organized systems of transit, major cities would virtually stop in their tracks with traffic congestion. Subways, railways, and buses help alleviate this traffic and keep the lifeblood of the city flowing smoothly. An integral component of any mass transit system is quality flooring that is easy to maintain and keeps passengers safe. The foot traffic of millions of people as well as trash and chemicals left behind are incredibly taxing on transit floors. This extreme wear requires a highly durable and long-lasting solution. G-Floor Transit offers this solution with a stylish, eco-friendly appeal.

What Sets it Apart

Common sheet vinyl products are not a new trend in the mass transit industry. But, without the cheap fillers of major competitors, BLT transit floor lasts longer and is impervious to normal wear and tear. This makes BLT Transit flooring the top-performing floor in the industry.

Most transit flooring products consist of only 10% to 20% of vinyl wear layer. This thin top layer is easy to penetrate and results in the floor looking shoddy, damaged, dented, and worn. BLT's G-Floor Transit material consists of solid polyvinyl and absolutely no fillers. Without heavy fillers and foam, this lightweight polyvinyl allows for better fuel efficiency and is completely recyclable (with the exception of some specialty products.) This solid and durable polyvinyl is more malleable than competitors' materials, allowing for quick and easy installation. G-Floor Transit is 100% waterproof and offers a standard .075" wear-layer in up to 10 ft. widths. Additionally, G-Floor Transit can be special ordered in the thickest wear-layer in the world of up to .120", making it the gold standard by which all other Transit floors are held.

BLT Transit

G-Floor Transit can include a clear top-coat with a revolutionary UV stabilized, factory-applied gloss or matte finish. This finish is stain resistant for easy care and promotes a more sanitary transit environment. With the top-coat applied, G-Floor Transit is also able to handle an extreme amount of traffic without cracking or showing signs of strain, allowing for a longer life. G-Floor Transit is the answer to all transit flooring applications as the wear-layer provides an optimal layer of protection. This exclusive flooring is manufactured and stocked in the USA and will outperform any other bus, rail, or maritime flooring in the industry. G-Floor Transit is categorized into "Simply Solid," "Premium Imaged," and "Designer Custom."