BLT Transit

No matter what type of transit you are operating, one of the most important elements is always going to be the flooring of that transit. Trains can see hundreds of thousands of passengers in a week and buses go for miles and miles with constant strain on the floor. Meanwhile, maritime vessels have to weather the elements and constant battering by water and salt. Lesser floors are made of filler materials that pad the flooring, but do not provide the necessary durability for the traffic, constant use, and elemental exposure that transit floors will need.

BLT's Transit G-Floor provides the thickest topcoat wear layer in the world with a coating of 100% polyvinyl compound. Competitor transit flooring options contain layers of filler that is cheap to produce and easy to tear. With G-Floor transit, your floor is assured to withstand the test of time and, more importantly, the test of shoes. Additionally, the flexible composition of the floor means that it is more malleable than competing floors, causing it to be easier to manage, maintain, and install.

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